YouTube Unveils New Features at VidCon

By June 27, 2016YouTube

Over the weekend, creators and fans flocked to the 7th annual VidCon where YouTube rolled out newly designed features for its users. With ongoing complaints YouTube has received over penalty distribution and protection of YouTubers, these new features have come just in time. You asked for change, YouTube answered.


YouTubers Receive New and Improved Strike Policy


Keynote speaker Shimrit Ben-Yair explained the new ways YouTube is planning to protect its users. Recently, YouTube has taken heat from heavy hitting names in the music industry regarding legislation reform, specifically the DMCA. As artists try to protect their works on YouTube, new YouTubers may be inadvertently infringing and at a heavy cost. Other YouTubers find themselves victim to copyright abuse. Strikes are resulting in video takedowns, simply because somebody happens to dislike that particular video. So what’s the solution?

Strike distribution has been a big concern amongst YouTubers. YouTube is finally abandoning its one-size-fits-all approach. YouTube is now moving to adjust the way penalties are being distributed. Strikes will not accrue in the same problematic manner as before. This comes as a breath of fresh air to many YouTubers. It has lowered the risk of their channels being temporarily or even permanently suspended.

Along with concern over strikes, YouTubers have also shared concerns over revenue distribution. When YouTube first introduced Content ID, revenue-earning channels had a hard time collecting their paychecks when a claim was filed against them. The new change in Content ID claim disputes allows YouTubers to get their hands on the money they are entitled to. Once the dispute has been resolved, YouTubers finally receive the money they’ve earned.


Benefits To Help YouTubers Grow Their Channels


The good news doesn’t stop there. YouTubers are now able to unlock benefits as they grow their channel. Through a new program designed for creators, accruing 1,000 subscribers will get you an invite to local meet-ups. These workshops will provide YouTubers with tips on growing their channels. The “Next Up” program selects 360 YouTubers, who have reached 10,000 subscribers, to help personally jumpstart their channels.

Communication with YouTube has been a major concern amongst YouTubers. Help has been hard to come by, but not anymore. YouTube now offers any YouTuber with a monetized channel, a response within one business day from an actual human being. This is a major shift from generic responses, leaving users waiting for days on end for a solution to their problem.

Other new features include mobilized streaming from smart phone devices, a revamped ability to record and edit on the go, and comment moderation that enables others to remove unwanted comments for you.

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